How will you verify if Check Stubs are fake or real?

Article By: Carol Anderson


How will you verify if Check Stubs are fake or real?

“Get Free Check Stubs” is a luring statement which compels users to hit any website to create pay stubs, isn’t it? However, there are few sites which actually provide a Free Pay Stub Generator. It is thus recommended to use websites which allow creating genuine check stubs only.

Examining Physical Pay Stubs

If you hold a physical copy of pay stubs created using paystub maker, you should learn to examine it. Sometimes, the physical condition of a check stub is a red signal itself triggering you for further investigation. As the basic information remains the same in all paystubs, you need to look further for neatly aligned text format, proper placement of company logo, spelling errors and the math added up right.

Why do check stubs need to be verified?

Trust but verify is a motto which has been in the military for long and also gives major goals to be implemented for businesses and individuals too.

As it is already known to most users that creating paycheck stub online is not a final step but becomes an initial step that allows producing check stubs at numbers of places. Sometimes, they are required to be produced at the time of procuring a job, availing loans, house on rent and more.

People who honestly create real check stubs with pay stub generator free will have no trouble in producing the pay slips. But, those who have used alternatives will scam their way through numbers of methods and may produce fake pay stubs. And, failing to spot the fake ones may cost thousands of dollars or even worse.

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Consequences of accepting Fake Pay Stubs

Figuring out that one has been fooled with fake pay stubs is quite embarrassing but getting to know this will save you from problems later.

Is there any legal way out?

If you have been a victim of fraud or have been betrayed with fake pay stubs, the local police department can be approached. Producing fake evidence of income is a fraud and the user can be charged with a felony. Once the law is involved, there are possibilities to recover from the losses.

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