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In simple terms, Paystub is an on paper record of your paycheck provided along with each paycheck. Paystub or paycheck stub contains various details related to the paycheck. It mentions the amount which the employee earned and also states the deductions in forms of taxes, insurance, costs and others.

A Paystub includes information which can be used by both the employee and the employer. Employee can use it as their record for their earnings. They can also get information regarding their net earnings and also deductions. This helps employees plan their income management smartly, secure loans from bank, credit card request and also investments. Employers need paycheck stubs to settle the discrepancies with their employee. Having record of paycheck tub help employee to solve any salary related issues from employee’s side. Thus paystub is important for both. For individual doing their own business, paystub help them know about their deductions and earnings which will help them in planning money smartly.

    There is much information available on paystub. This helps the employees about their deductions and payments. Information available on paystub can be divided in three major parts:

  • Gross wages: Gross wage is the amount actually earned by employee prior to any deductions
  • Taxes, deduction and contributions: This includes all the deductions, taxes and other amount which is to be paid by employee
  • Net Pay: Net pay is the balance amount after taking out the taxes, deductions and contributions from gross pay. It is the amount which employees take home.

As mentioned above, paystub is necessary with every paycheck. But, generating a paystub is not an easy task. It is very complex with number of calculations and deductions. OnlinePayStub comes in the picture here. It eases out all your calculation related work. You just need to mention the required details and our automated paycheck calculator will do the rest. As an organization, generating paystub for each employee manually I quite a task and requires investment in form of man power and other expense. Plus there are chances for human error. With OnlinePayStub, we eliminate the possibility of human error and save you from huge expense of installing software generating it. Here you need to pay online as per your use. We do the task for you and generate easy paystubs ready for print or download at very affordable rates. Then why wait? Create your first pay stub, Right Now!