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Everything You Need To Know

What is a Paystub?

When it comes to showcasing your earnings, a Pay Stub plays a crucial role. This document, provided by your employer, offers a comprehensive breakdown of your income. It serves as proof of your earnings and allows you to keep track of important salary information, such as taxes paid and owed. You have the flexibility to receive your pay stub either electronically or directly from your employer.

Why To Choose Online Paystub?

Online Paystub is crafted by some of the talented developers to make your calculation as easier as possible. With a smooth and hassle-free process, generating online paystub is made available at your fingertips.

How Does It Work?

  • Insert Your Information: Insert your payment information such as firm’s name, your name, Year-To-Date, Social Security Number.
  • Preview and Pay: Preview and pay for your created paystub. You can check out your mail to view and download your paystub.
  • paystub checker: Create your pay stub online via Online Paystub to save time and money with our automated tool. You shall receive your paystub in your inbox. Check your inbox and download your paystub.

What Do You Mean By Company Paystub?


Technically, an online paystub is a proof of earning document that is provided to the employees by the employers. A pay stub document showcases all the gross earnings, net pay as well as deductions in-depth.


Depending on the state the firm operates in, some of the employers might not be required to provide employees with a paystub as stated by the federal government. Most of the states have various laws in place that require firms to supply some form of written proof pay statement for their employees.

Kind Reminder: Even if state law does not demand distribution of pay stubs, businesses must keep track of employee working hours in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Which is Better: A Physical Paystub or Create Paystub?

Commonly known names for the traditional employee pay stub include a firm’s earnings statement, check online paystub, or pay record. This document can be provided in physical form as well as can be created online via online paystub.

For example, if a firm provides you with a physical copy of the pay stub, then a pay stub is stapled with the same piece of paper. However, if you go the other way around ie. create pay stub online then they can access their pay stub online via logging onto the employer provided payroll system where in the employee personal information is being stored carefully.

Who Needs an Online paystub?

Creating a paystub was never this easy, what Online Paystub makes it look like. Using an online paystub you can create pay stubs very easily. Below is mentioned some of the payee’s who needs to generate pay stubs:

  • Employees: Employees need to have their pay stub documents for showing proof of their earnings, income verification and for tax filing purposes. An employee can also use their firm’s pay stub if their W-2 form is not available so that you can calculate the necessary data.
  • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs, Independent Contractors and Freelancers all need to provide proof of income. This is due to the fact that independent contractors do not generally generate a steady income such as business employees, as it is always advisable to have check stub documentation at your disposal or online.
  • Employers: Employers: Employers need to keep a record of how much their employees are getting paid.

Who Needs To Prove Income Using an Online paystub?

Below mentioned are some of the scenarios where anybody is required to prove their income:

  • Car or Home Loan: In order to lease a vehicle, the car dealer will require you to provide proof of income. This documentation is necessary for them to assess your ability to meet the financial obligations associated with the lease agreement.
  • Rental Property: Pay Stub information helps a landlord in confirming your ability to meet the rental property requirements.
  • Business Loans: Independent contractors and Self-Employed Workers might need business loans such as a line of credit.
  • Disability: If you are injured and you need to file a claim for disability, then the pay stub verifies your earning before you become disabled.
  • Applying For Visa: In various scenarios, individuals who are applying for a visa need pay stubs to verify their income.

What Is Included on a Pay Stub?

Let’s understand a firm’s analysis in order to determine the pay stub further for your business. Below mentioned are some of the main points which you will need to be able to find your pay stub:

  • Employee Gross Salary: This amount can be found on the employment contract of the employee. Gross salary is what the employer pays without even mentioning the crucial documentation incurred. This is commonly known as  base income.
  • Employment Details: This column will include all the information related to the employer and the employee. Firm’s name, address, employee information, particular pay date, bank account details are all inserted here.
  • State Taxes: Depending upon the state that the employee is located in, there is a set of tariff due that the employees need to produce their income.
  • Federal Taxes: For the employee, the amount of the income gets reassigned to paying federal taxes. The amount is then solely based on what the employee has filled out in their W-4 form at the time of employment.
  • Holiday Pay: Any employee who has paid a company’s paid holiday days that the employee has combined will be mentioned here on the company’s paystub. This benefits both the employee and employers to monitor how many off days were taken by the employee and how much is remaining.
  • Business Insurance and Firm Benefit Deduction: Workers regularly have particular deductions from their paychecks inclusive of dental, vision, or health insurance which are chosen favourable circumstances given to them. When given a higher number of benefits, it becomes a probability that they will have better job satisfaction.
  • Government Taxes: Firms and individual employees must stay updated with the latest rules and regulations so that they do not have to overpay the government. Some of the states impose a certain amount of taxes on the employees like New York or California.
  • Employee Back Pay: If an employer has withheld a portion of their income from a previous pay period, an employee will become aware of it in this situation. This could be an amount of money that is owed to them. Additionally, this serves as another strategy to retain employees.
  • Employee Net Salary: The most significant phase in an employee’s trajectory is represented by this segment. It pertains to the net salary, which is the amount an employee receives after all deductions and taxes have been accounted for.


What are Employee Check Stubs Used For?

Real estate landlords ask for check stubs so that they have a general idea about your income situation and how reliable you will be and how consistent they are with the payment methods. The longer the work history with a firm, the better the employee’s chances.

  • Employee Rental: Most of the employees struggle with finding a good home that is very much close to their work location. Once they have found it, the landlord is likely to ask for a proof of income in the form of a paystub.

Real estate agents and landlords ask for check stub so that they have a clear understanding of your earning statement and will get to know how reliable you are in meeting with their payments.

Some firms go as far as requiring the employee to fill up approximately 2.5 times the cost of the rent decided upon the income. It is advisable to keep your pay stubs with you if you get into these situations.

  • Pay Stub Accuracy: Employees ensuring the accuracy of their pay allows them to be one step ahead to become financially understandable. Therefore, it is advisable by major businesses that the employees get in the habit of examining their pay stubs for any possible errors which might arise.

Sometimes it can be an issue with the bank or with the employer. This is one of the methods for an employee to avoid being taken advantage of and making sure that the fair compensation for all their business efforts are flowing in the right direction.

  • Employee Loan: When an employee applies for a loan, the actual worry begins with the credit score and the business requirements. By having a few real check stubs at your disposal, the employee can easily authenticate their financial situation.
  • Employee Marital Disputes: In the wake of an unfortunate event of a marital dispute which results in a divorce of the employees from his or her partner, an employee must have the pay stub documentation to show a proof of earning. This shall come in handy in the time of settlement.
  • Employee Health Insurance: If an employee wishes to apply for health insurance for themselves through the government’s health care programs they will surely need some pay stub documentations. Employees will need to provide pay stubs to the government in order to verify their financial history and determine the final amount of government aid which they shall receive.

How Can You Spot Employee Fake Pay Stubs?

Fraudulent employee pay stubs are becoming common these days. The occurrence of fraudulent employee documentations is on the rise, posing a significant challenge in effectively identifying and apprehending the culprits. Even during chaotic business times, it is understandable that why an employee will attempt this as it is non-justifiable, let us explore some of the ways by which you can spot the fake pay stub.

  • Missing Information: The perfect option for your business will be have to a real check stubs at your disposal or even an IRS stub just for the sake of comparing it. Your employer may have observed that there are certain important pieces of information missing from the pay stub in question. Hence, it is strongly advised that the business employer thoroughly inspects the document to ascertain the presence of any residual outdated information.
  • Layout Error: A business fact is that all well represented firms follow a set of rules and branded guidelines.When the basic documentation is not upheld, it serves as a red flag for the business, indicating that it is straying from the correct trajectory.
  • Imprudent Rounding of Figures: Your business will definitely receive check stubs online before and is familiar with how the numerous figures and decimals fill up the documentation. To produce a well-crafted pay stub, one must dedicate business hours to meticulous calculations, paying attention to the smallest decimal numbers. If you discover an employee’s check stub in your business where more than half of the figures have been rounded up, it is a clear indication that something is not right.

Online Paystub: To Simplify Your Business Needs

In today’s age, the best in business recommends that the employers send their pay stubs electronically.

Utilizing a check stubs, businesses can now effortlessly produce paystubs. Once your business provides you with a paystub, returning back to the old methods to create pay stub offline and printing them out will be a bit old-fashioned.

By utilizing a complimentary online paystub for your business, you gain the ability to generate pay stubs for any designated pay period. The availability of online paystub not only allows employees to securely store their documents, but also provides them with the convenience of instantly using the stubs for various purposes such as auto loans, personal loans, or tax filing. This streamlined process takes just a minute, ensuring that you receive accurate, legally compliant, and readily usable tax forms.

Data Privacy and Employee paystub

Once a year has elapsed and the tax returns have been duly processed, employees are allowed to safely dispose of their compiled pay stubs. These Check Stub documents are of utmost importance as they contain vital information pertaining to the employee. The company’s pay stubs encompass confidential details such as the employee’s social security number, address, work location, salary particulars, gross wages, and other personal information. If such a document falls into the wrong hands, the employee faces the potential risks of identity theft and harassment.