Resend Order

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Resend Order

We humans are prone to mistakes and forget things. This happens with everyone. So, in any case you are likely to mishandle your generated paystub. In that case, you need to get the copy of paystub with yourself.  Usually, you can get the copy of the paystub from our customer support without repaying for the same. But, to ease out this process and to reduce your wait time, we have come up with the alternate resend order functionality.

What is Resend Order and How to Use?

Resend Order functionality is a functionality in which you submit the email address, and you get the list of your paystubs generated with us. Corresponding to each paystub there are two options:

  • Send:

    On Clicking send button corresponding to a particular paystub, that paystub will be sent to the registered email address. Please note that this paystub can only be sent to the registered email address and not to any other email address.

  • Reuse Stub Info:

    This will help you in reusing the stub If you are generating number of similar stubs at every few time interval then you might get tired of entering same details again and again. So you can reuse the existing stub info for creating another paystub with us.

Don’t worry about us collecting your personal Information. We don’t sell any of your data and for further details; you can check our Privacy Policy.