5 Ways to Spot Real Check Stubs vs. Fakes Ones

Article By: Carol Anderson


5 Ways to Spot Real Check Stubs vs. Fakes Ones

online paystub and Fake Online Pay Stubs look one and the same in the first look. Using authentic pay stub generator free, you can create paycheck stubs which are genuine and will never put you in trouble. But, there are people who don’t understand the risks of fake pay stubs and go for it, thus inviting troubles.

Why do you need to know the difference between real & fake paystubs?

For the employers and management, it is very important to have an eye which spots real check stubs from fake ones. It is possible that interviewees present fake paychecks which state higher pay in order to demand more from the new employer. This is just one reason while more may follow on the table to avail credit facility.

So, not to get you fooled, learn how to differentiate between both.So let’s begin with some detective work!

5 Keys Separating Real Check Stubs from Fake

Real Check Stubs are differentiated by these five key points. Check them out.

The Authenticity of Basic Information

Looking closely at the basic details like employee and company information can reveal a lot about the respective check stubs. Spelling mistakes, replacing the generic text or any change in the basic information gives the red signal. It is a fact that if an accountant has created the pay stub, he would rectify the error and would correct it before issuing the check stub. This will not be caredfor a fake generator.

Clear Legibility

When the online pay stub is hard to read, the numbers show up with a mismatch or the layout seems doubtful then it is a suspect of fake.There is no ideal instance of how a genuine pay stub should look like but you get the vibes of authenticity by having a look at the fonts, formatting, and legibility. No efforts are required to read it out.

As legibility is concerned, you can avail it with our free check stubs which show clear cut details for employee and contractor’s paychecks.

Up-to-the-mark Digits & Decimal Points

Formatting of any document means a lot. While you are using free pay stub generator, the layout is well-formatted and totally professional. With fake paystubs, it is possible that the decimals are aligned in a word document.

Minimal Estimations and Roundups

While you use pay stub generator free, you are utilizing a genuine stub making facility. This is the reason that estimations and roundups are minimal. When too many numbers are visible rounded to zero, the estimations look unrealistic or figures seem doubtful you get to know that you are not dealing with a genuine paystub.

Clearly Differentiated ‘O’ & ‘0’

Depending on the paystub maker you use, the proper visibility of ‘O’ and ‘0’ should be there. In many cases, if fake paystubs are created, the generator may use O instead of 0 which may put them in trouble.

Use Free Paystub Generator Online now!

Using free paystub generator online, you can not only make real check stubs but also avail the offer. This way, you can save yourself from committing frauds & also get a chance to get free check stubs.

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