Mishandled your Free Check Stubs? There’s a Solution!

Article By: Carol Anderson


Mishandled your Free Check Stubs? There’s a Solution!

Did you ever misplace your free check stubs? Or trashed your mailbox and then realized you had some online pay stubs pending for download? If yes, don’t worry. You are not alone!

Let’s have a look at Real Check Stubs – How long should you keep them?

Human nature is prone to mistakes and hence it is likely that one may misplace them after getting them printed. Some people believe that they don’t need paychecks anymore and so they dump them. Later when the need arises, there is no way they can recover them. One or more reasons could be responsible for losing the created paystubs. But, as every problem comes with a solution, so is with this one too. In case you have been through any such situation, you no longer need to worry as you have resend order option with pay stubs.

How does Resend Order work for Online Pay Stubs?

Any user can feel safe with online pay stubs as you can easily get a copy of paycheck stubs in case you lose it due to one or more reasons. A copy of paystub can be requested anytime just by entering the email you have created your check stubs previously.

Isn’t it amazing that you get the copy of your missing paychecks without any complexities? There are two options corresponding to each pay stub.

1.    Send

When a user clicks on the send button corresponding to a particular pay stub, the stub will be mailed to the respective email address. The only thing is that the paycheck can be mailed to the email id already used with the website and will not work out if any new email ids are used.

2.    Reuse Stub Info

The second scenario is very useful for any user who is a frequent visitor of paystub maker. It feels tiresome entering the same details again all the time so the user can reuse the existing paystubs for creating another paystub with us. Isn’t it amazing that rework is reduced!

No need to pay for it!

Imagine the same scenario with outsourcing companies or accountants. Will they give your requested paycheck without charging a single penny? Understandably, the answer is NO! While using pay stub generator free, all you have to do is drop us a mail, then sit back & relax. This is how transparent stub making should actually be.

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