When can you reclaim online pay stubs from your Employer?

Article By: Carol Anderson


When can you reclaim online pay stubs from your Employer?

Online paystub are very important for both, employees as well as employers. They play a vital role in determining the efficiency of the organizations and the way they treat their employees. It can also be said that employers give recognition to contractors or staff by handing over effectively generated pay stubs online. The ease of stub creation has widely benefitted to firm owners as well as accountants and it has proven to be wonders in making the task smoother than ever.

The list of required information to be entered in the stub creating a template is very less as compared to the manual calculations you do. Also, the brilliant and free paycheck calculator is designed with versatile features which fit all the needs. Hence, there are no chances of error from its end but humans are prone to mistake and we cannot deny this fact, right? It’s all right if this is the case with you and you have received a pay stub from your employee with incorrect details. You can claim for the corrected stub and they are bound to give it to you at the soonest possible duration. Here are few instances when you can claim for the regenerated stub.

1. The fault with Personal Details

Basically, any pay stub can be divided into two parts. First one consists of personal details while the second one includes payment details. Let’s discuss the former first as the latter is covered up next. As the personal details fall to be your identity on the stub, misspelled name or wrongly entered address is not acceptable when produced for legally. This increases the chances of loan or credit facility rejection as the name will not match with other identification documents.

Hence, if you have received a paycheck with wrongly entered personal details, you can surely claim for a new one.

2. Error in Pay Data

A high amount of accuracy is desired while entering pay details of employee. Any mistake with the state, pay duration, pay type, YTD pay period or exemptions can turn out the resulting paystub into a never expected one. Special care is to be taken while selecting hourly or weekly paycheck calculator as it is an element which separates contractor and employee generally. Another important thing to be very attentively added is the gross pay as the further calculation by the stub calculator takes it into consideration. Though you opt to create pay stub for free, you might have to spend money with other stub creators for getting a corrected one.

It becomes mandatory for employees in this situation to reclaim the paystub else it will later cause issues when the pay slip is produced at the desk when applied for a job somewhere. It is not to be mentioned that salary pay stub is the first thing to be produced along with your CV. Make sure you have a precise one at that moment.

3. Other Minor Mistakes

Since the reporting period and payment date are mentioned on the paycheck, they are noted by the credit facility granting authorities. Also, the mail-id on which the generated paystub is mailed needs to be correct. Such minor flaws can lead to delay in availing credits so it is required to pay attention while generating the stub.

Even if you have committed such mistakes while creating free printable stubs online, you still have a chance to get them corrected at no cost to us.

Thus, you can stay worry-free if you have received a real check stub consisting of a minor or major mistake as you can receive a new one any time without any cost. Also, freelancers and employers can generate the stub for themselves or for employees respectively without spending extra money for requesting a new paystub online. Isn’t it great! Try out our free paystub generator online now!

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