Why is OnlinePayStub better than Excel sheet?


Why is OnlinePayStub better than Excel sheet?

Calculation is very important term in business and every organization irrespective of its type of private or government. Not a single sector exists without the use of calculations. Calculations are actually necessary in any individual’s life even in his day to day decisions or professional decisions. Accounts, payroll, finance, statistics, income tax etc are the examples where calculations are seen. So, there is an obvious question that which one is better excel or online paystub generator? So the best option is online software. For salary calculations and wages management of employees, OnlinePayStub is best option.

There are many advantages of OnlinePayStub compared to Excel Sheet:

  • Transparency:

The OnlinePayStub yields more transparency compared to excel sheets. It clearly mentions the income and deductions. With paystub, everything is clear and transparent between the employee and the employer. This makes the relation healthy between the employee and the employer. Transparency is the key to business success. Moreover the document generated using online paystub generator looks more legitimate compared to the one generated using excels. Excel gives unprofessional and kiddies look about the employer to the employees.

  • User Friendly:

Generating paystubs using OnlinePayStub, makes your life simple and easy t breathe. You don’t need to do any complex calculations on your own. You just need to enter information & voila, your paystub is generated after payment. It is simple, easy and quick. Now consider doing this complex task and calculations with various conditions in excel. It will surely be a headache and consume lot of time with advanced level of Excel skills. OnlinePayStub makes your life easy breezy stress free and tension free.

  • Cost Effective:

You have complex calculations of payroll management done at comparatively cheaper rates. This deal is surely a sure sort to take without a second thought. The cost at which OnlinePayStub makes this complex calculations is comparatively quite low compared to the amount of precious time you invest in gaining the same result from excel.

  • Time Savvy:

The biggest benefit of Online PayStub is its timeliness. It is quick enough to generate your paystub within minutes and get it delivered in your mail within minutes.

  • Usability:

OnlinePayStub is easy to use and you don’t need to have any expert level computer knowledge to generate it. Whereas this is not the case with excel. To generate paystubs with excel, you need to have expert level knowledge of excel.

  • Print-ready:

The paystub generated with Online Paystub is print ready. You don’t need to make settings to make page print ready.

  • Professional and Impressive:

The design and layout that OnlinePayStub provides is quite attractive and professional looking which take time to design similar professional looking design in excel.

  • PDF:

The paystub generated using OnlinePayStub is already in PDF Format. You don’t need to save as pdf file or convert excel file to pdf online to make it print ready.

Paystub is strength of every employee and acts as one of the key documents of employment. With OnlinePayStub, it makes it easier for employees to understand their pay calculating all the deductions and incomes. This gives them a kind of satisfaction for their job which is important for the person to work with motivation.

So, from all these points we can surely conclude the benefits of OnlinePayStub over Excel.

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