How to make Online Pay Stub for your Employees?

Article By: Carol Anderson


How to make Online Pay Stub for your Employees?

Online paystubs are more than mere stubs and form an important element for brand value. You obviously have a system to handover paychecks to your employees by the end of every week or on month-end. Some states have the rule for employers to provide pay-in slip within one day of the pay date. Also, you need to preserve the copy of the stub you give to your workers for future reference, during tax season like they need the same to produce for getting loans and other credit facilities hassle-free.

As an employer, you have to manage the cost and budget along with providing the perks of easily generated real check stubs online. This is possible without using any expensive software or appointing a high-costing chartered accountant. If you have a large firm and it is not possible to manage thousands of paystubs creation, you don’t need a team but can hire a single person and get things done at lowest cost. There are blank pay stubs templates you can download and check as a sample and find whether it suits your organization or not, prior to continuing to create a pay stub.

Have the Gross Pay Handy

Let’s begin now. You have an excel sheet or a rough note where all the raw data of your employees exist. Make sure you have separate columns for gross pay, their respective deductions, and exemptions. Also, take into account that you have considered the employee’s overtime and extra hours so you don’t have to remake the stub later. This is not a headache but a task you need to do to smoothly generate any number of paystubs online without wasting time as you will get all the data at one place.

Choose an efficient Stub Creator

As you know, the paystub generator is designed to multi-task for you, be worry-free from making lengthy calculations on your own. Be it your employee, plumber or any other contractor you want to generate a stub for, you get every facility with just one tool. If you have gross pay sheet ready, you can just enter basic details and create paystub easily.

One more thing to take care here is to check whether the stub making tool you choose has everything which identifies it as genuine. This includes a company logo as issuing authority’s identity, which further leaves no requirement of signature or stamp too. On the other end, the employee’s basic details along with the Social Security Number (SSN) mentioned in the stub are enough to get it cross-verified for genuineness.

Look for the price difference & budget-friendliness

Even if you have every facility at ease and if the online stub portal is charging you much, it will make no difference in costing and getting the stub generated manually. The major attraction of making free printable pay stubs online is lowered costs too and why would you pay much if you can get an effectively generated one at price as low as $5.99.

Also, we have exciting offers for you to make more stubs. Currently, if you create more than one stub for the first time, we are offering one stub absolutely free. This is directly saving $5.99. Moreover, if you have made any mistake while creating stubs and even if you have paid for it, we can send you corrected one in no time. This applies to those stubs too which you have created before months. You can find this service with very few stub makers but and we are one of those few. Don’t worry, we will not charge extra and our support team is always available to assist you. Thus, along with the budget-friendliness, you get these topping facilities too.

Found this interesting? Will you like to make a free pay stub online now? Let us help you out!

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