Lost My W-2 Form

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Lost My W-2 Form

As the tax deadline gets closer and closer, it becomes urgent for you as a taxpayer to find all the required documents needed to file your return. Generally, if you are an employee and not a contractor, you need a W-2 form. Often, you might have switched jobs within a tax year or when you work more than one job where you are considered an employee.

But what happens if you cannot trace your W-2 form and the deadline for filing the taxes is rapidly approaching? The first question that comes to your mind is: I have lost W-2 form. Now, what do I do? Whether you have misplaced or not received it, you don’t need to panic. There are various ways available to get your W-2 form.

In this blog, we will guide you on what to do if you have lost w-2 form. If you want to create a paystub, then Online Paystub is your answer.

A W-2 form is a government form, and it is the responsibility of employers to finish and deliver the form to their employees. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the employee to report their income and wage tax withholdings in the state and federal income tax returns.

On the legal front, your employer should send you the form by 31st January to give you enough time to meet the tax filing deadline in April. Your employer should also send you a copy of the same form to the IRS directly.

Check Online

This is the best option you should be finding. Many employers issue their employees with a W-2 form electronically. However, this only sometimes means that they will email you a copy of your records and use. As cybertheft is a rising concern, they generally send a link to an online service where you can view and download your form.

You may not find the email because it landed directly in your spam folder. Go through your inbox, including your spam folder, and see if you can trace the link.

If you are still looking for it, your employer has an online portal for time cards and paychecks; grab the login credentials and see if you can access your W-2 form from there.

In addition, the employer sending you a copy of the W-2 form by email sends a duplicate to the IRS as well. You can use the tax software to generate a W-2 form electronically. You will receive a notification when your W-2 form is available so you can start filing your taxes.

Discuss With Your Employer

Losing your W-2 form should not throw you into panic mode if the online search results fail; you need to contact your employer, who has issued you the form.

If they have mailed it to you at the wrong address, the postman might have returned it to them and might be able to trace it. In addition, most employers keep a duplicate copy of the form so that you can use a copy from it.

Contact the IRS Directly

Your employer may not be helping the employees replace the lost W-2 forms because they are unresponsive, and you cannot get a copy from the online portal.

But the question remains: What should I do if I lost my W-2? Another option is to get in touch with the IRS directly and then request it to be issued with a copy of the form.

However, the IRS recommends using two previous options until the end of February before you raise the issue with them. By contacting the IRS directly, you can notice that your W-2 is missing, which can lead to a successful location of the form sent to the employer. You can pick it up from your employer if it gets traced to them.

Applying For A Transcript of Tax Return

Sometimes, you only need some specific information on your lost W-2 form. But what to do if you lost your W-2 form and now need some information from it? You must complete Form 4606-T to receive a transcript of your salary information. You shall also use it to request a transcript of your tax returns for employment verification.

What to do If I lost my W-2 form but find it after filing the returns?

When you file your tax returns without a W-2 form, your income may be misunderstood. In this case, you need to make corrections on the return. To improve this, you must file Form 1040x, the Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Note this: Amending your tax return can impact your refund.


You should not worry much if you have lost w-2. There are various options available to you. You have your back covered by the IRS, your employer, and online portals in your zone. When you have traced your form, you can estimate your income, file your returns, and amend the same later. If you are looking for a paystub generator online, then you should visit Online Paystub.

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