7 Best Paycheck Templates

Article By: Jessica Carter


7 Best Paycheck Templates

It is that time of the year again, the end of a pay period. This means you have to issue those paychecks once again. Using a professional and well-established paycheck stub shows you are dedicated to providing quality and your employees with all the information they need.

Ask yourself: Does your paycheck stub fulfill that requirement? If yes, it’s excellent, but if not, you should look for something else. There are tons of free paycheck stub templates for you to work on.

This blog will tell you about the best 7 paycheck templates. Before we dive in, are you looking to create a pay stub online, you should consider checking out Online Paystub.

Some Note About State Laws

The states wherein your employees reside may require various things to be on your paystubs. Ensure that you know and follow all the applicable laws as you start considering new paystub options.

Basic Paystub:

Most paystubs will be similar. If you’d be starting out on a basic paystub, go out with something like this. Include information on the pay period. You can do this by including start and end dates. Make sure that all the hours worked within the pay period are shown. Gross and net earnings should be shown as well. All required federal and state taxes should be included and shown as deductions. Tax-free and taxable deductions should be shown in separate lines. If you’d like to, you can include information regarding time off. This shall remind you how much time the employees have available with them. This is required in some states. To keep things accessible, you could also include the employee’s number of exemptions.

Spreadsheet Paystub:

You do not have any fancy template when giving paystubs to your employees. You can use something like a simple form generated in a spreadsheet program. Include field headings for all the crucial information, then fill in the information required. Spread headings out horizontally so you won’t be able to use a bunch of lines going down the page.

Document Paystub:

Even simpler is paystub template for Word. This paystub offers you a nice, minimalist paystub where everything is easy to find and read. This includes your firm name and contact information at the top. Under this, include employee and invoice number information. Insert a simple table outlining what was paid and why. At the bottom, add a total amount and leave a place for notes.

Irregular Hours Paystub:

If your employees work random hours, you may use a paystub which shows a summary of the working hours. This can include fields for dates when, how many hours were worked, and how much. With these fields, you can also include other crucial information, like contact information.

Contractor Invoice Paystub:

If you will be paying contractors for different types of jobs, an invoice might be more what you are looking for. At the top of the paystub, include an invoice number and date. Also, it can include client information. Below those fields, a table showing services performed, a description of services, hours worked, and an agreed rate should be included.

Electronic Paystub:

If you want your paystub to be made electronically, you do not have to worry about any fancy tables. Just provide instructions on how your employees can access their paystub information. This includes everything that you will need to get to the right website, log in, and access your paystub. Once logged in, you can view all of your paystub information.



Whether you are looking for an easy or detailed pay stub, there is a free paystub template available for you online to use. It only takes some little research. Ensure that you are providing all the required information. If you are looking for a paystub generator, you should visit Online Paystub.

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