How to add additional earnings to your pay stubs


How to add additional earnings to your pay stubs

A pay stub is a crucial document with pocket-size details. Miniscule details are included on a check stub to help you and your employee keep track of payments. While calculating stubs, many minor details come into the paycheck considering various situations, like, you want employees to receive pay including overtime, holiday bonus, early shift, etc.  

Drafting a professional and accurate stub with all these details becomes quite burdensome. So, if you are wondering how to include these additional earnings on your employee’s paychecks, here it is.


Everything you need to know about additional earnings and how to add earnings to stubs


What are additional earnings?

As the same suggests, additional earnings are supplementary (additional) income outside of your employee’s usual income, salary, or pay rate. It creates a lot of confusion while creating pays with additional income. This is where the advance check stub maker works as a rescue.

Here are some of the payment types and categories for additional incomes:

Custom earnings
Advances on salary pay
Holiday bonus/ any other bonuses
Overtime hours
Extended paid leave
Paid sick leave or dependent care
Holiday pay

How to add additional income to your pay stubs?

Additional earnings help you create accurate pay stubs. However, following the traditional stub methods, generating pays with all the factors can be tricky. One of the best solutions to these is to start using a free paystub generator.

With an online stub generator, all you need to do is insert all the details and incomes that you want in your stubs, and everything else will be taken care of.


Here is a step-by-step guide for the same.

Visit website:
Choose an option: generate pay stub/ generate advance pay stub
Enter basic information such as company name, usual income, earring, and additional income
Review the data that you have entered and select the payment mode.
Get your pay stub directly into your mailbox within a fraction of seconds.

When you work with online pay stubs, it becomes easy to generate accurate pay stubs. In a nutshell, it helps your business run smoothly.  

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