Bi-weekly Pay Pros & Cons: Make your decision wisely

Article By: Carol Anderson


Bi-weekly Pay Pros & Cons: Make your decision wisely

What is Biweekly Pay?

Traditionally, employees get paid either weekly, bi-weekly, semimonthly, and or monthly payrolls. In the United States, biweekly payment is the most common payment cycle for a business today. As the name suggests, a bi-weekly payment schedule offers employees and independent contractors an opportunity to receive payment twice a month. The bi-weekly payment schedule is often a matter of perspective. Creating paystubs does not get complicated with the bi-weekly schedule. Creating stubs with an online paystub is effective and efficient.

But as said, there are always disadvantages on every side. This post will brief you about the pros & cons of a bi-weekly payment schedule.


Biweekly Pay Pros and Cons

Pros of bi-weekly pay

This payment schedule is a good option for people who find it hard to deal with time-saving.

  • It can help employees or individuals from overspending during the time between paychecks and help them with financial disaster.
  • It gives individuals an opportunity to receive paychecks frequently.
  • This type of paycheck can also prevent issues like debt or budgeting, as it offers flexibility to receive frequent paychecks, and this will help them clear debts or other financial commitments.
  • More paychecks mean they may avoid late utility charges or certain other charges.
  • No wonder, with bi-weekly people, they often tend to spend money more quickly. But with effective management, bi-weekly payment can help people get better access and understanding of how much, when, and where to spend.
  • The payment type provides some cost savings options and helps individuals make the best use of money and plan their future.


Pros of bi-weekly payment type for business

The most significant benefit of bi-weekly payment for business is that it helps with clearing up issues related to business expenses and taxes. The two payments per month help individuals save money on interest as there will be less time between payments. For business, this type of payment is a stress relief and a bonus in tough times. You can always utilize a check stub maker to make complex calculations and generate your professional paystub.


Cons of a bi-weekly payment

While on the one hand, bi-weekly payment could benefit budgeting, most people do not find it helpful. Like said, the pay type largely depends on perspective and budgeting style. Here are some cons of bi-weekly payment.

  • You will receive your pay frequently; this can go wrong if you do not have a strict budget plan or have poor spending habits.
  • The payment method strongly encourages you to spend more than necessary as you will be relaxed to receive your payment soon.
  • Planning for the future might become difficult as you will spend more, and you will have no direction at a certain point of how and when to do the appropriate planning.
  • Despite the potential budgeting habits, this payment method can encourage more spending at a higher rate; because for people, it will be easier to have access to their money on more frequent occasions.
  • Some jobs require payment for days worked regardless of whether or not you are paid on Saturdays or Sundays. If this is the case with you, knowing when you will be paid becomes difficult.


Cons of bi-weekly payment for business

The first problem with the bi-weekly payment is that it can be expensive for the employer and the employee. Paying employees every two weeks raises the cost considerably. An employer will need to hire or purchase more payroll equipment and other software to cover the increased frequency of payment. Nevertheless, to say you can always use a free paystub generator, but managing costs and the budget gets difficult.


Closing Thoughts
Choosing the payment method or seeing pros and cons depends on three factors: your perspective, requirements, and budgeting habits. A bi-weekly pay is almost a great option for businesses whose employees are freelancing or are performing irregular work. Such workers will have more stability. They can also use tools like an advanced pay stub generator for making the stub process simple and convenient.

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