How I Get My W-2 From Previous Employer

Article By: Jessica Carter


How I Get My W-2 From Previous Employer

Switched on to a new job? There are various reasons why it is crucial to change careers every three to five years. People who change jobs more often become very good at internal consulting skills and at branding themselves.

In this blog, we will discuss how do i get my w2 from my old job and its related questionnaires. With our free-to-use W-2 generator now you can easily generate a W-2 form for your record-keeping purposes. Let’s get started.

Why Should You Request A W-2?

Before we get into the steps of getting a W-2 from your previous employer, let’s discuss about the importance of this documentation. IRS states that all employers shall file a Form W-2 for every employee.

For an employee, this document will determine whether they will get a refund. Typically, you need a W-2 form to do your taxes.

It is not just about the earnings. Your W-2 breaks down your contributions to your retirement plan. It tells you about the amount your employer paid for your health insurance and even the money you got for independent care benefits.

Steps To Request Your W2 Form From Old Job

Now you know how crucial these documents are, you must ensure you get them on time.

Check With A Payroll: If you want to ask for your pay stub, you can get your W-2 by mailing or calling your payroll administrator. Check if their mailing address is correct. If they tell you that they have mailed it already, remember to ask when they did it so that you can be in the loop and ask for a replacement.


Call The IRS: You should call the IRS if your previous employer isn’t answering your calls and emails. Give the IRS the previous company’s employer identification number to make it easier. You can find this in your last paystub if you have received one from your previous company.
Request W-2 Early: Employers must send a W-2 form by January 31st every year.

Form 4852 as Substitute: If you cannot obtain your W-2 from your previous employer, you can contact the IRS for further assistance. You can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 and provide them with your information.

What If My W-2 Arrives Late?

If you have reasons to believe that you will receive your W-2 late and might not be able to meet the deadlines, you can request filing an extension from the IRS.


Are you looking for a genuine tool to do the job for you? Look no further than Online Paystub, which is a free tool to use. If you are still stuck on how do i get my w2 from previous employer, you can come to this blog to clear out your doubts whenever you feel free.

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