How You Can Use Your Last Pay Stub To File Taxes?

Article By: Jessica Carter


How You Can Use Your Last Pay Stub To File Taxes?

More than one-third of Americans pay their taxes on time. While preparing the taxes online, there are several vital income-related documents that you need at your disposal.

The most essential ingredient is the W2 form, which is supposed to be mailed by your employer at the end of the year. A W-2 form is a document that contains all the information about your annual total income and the tax amount that your employer has withheld from you that year.

In this blog, we shall teach you how you can use your Last Pay Stub To File Taxes? If you require a paystub creator online, look towards Online Paystubs, which is 100% free.

How Pay Stubs Online help calculating W2 Forms?

Can You Use Your Last Pay Stub To File Taxes?

If you cannot obtain your W-2 form, you can file online using your final pay stubs for that particular year. This is because your December stub might show some cumulative and hidden figures.

However, you must have your employer’s unique Employer Identification Number. Though it is typically printed on a pay stub, you must request it from your employer.

Providing an incorrect Employer Identification Number will lengthen your processing period. You can immediately start filing your tax return if you have this information.

Nonetheless, when it comes to filing taxes online, the IRS has stated that the service is only free and accessible to those earning less than $57,000.

You must file taxes by printing and mailing the return if you earn more than the above figure in a year. The service is also unavailable to those who are under the age of 16. You will be able to prepare your tax return online, but you shall need to print it out and mail it.

Using Last Pay Stub To File Taxes

In order to use your pay stub to file your taxes, you will need a Form 4852. Below is mentioned what you need to know about this very form.

Form 4852

The IRS Form 4852 is generally used on occasions like when there is no W-2 or when the one arrives that needs to be corrected. The IRS maintains a 4853 form, which can only be used when you cannot retrieve your W-2.

Completing Form 4852

You will utilize the year-to-date information to fill out this form. This asks for details like:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Social security number

Explaining The 4852

Though the Form 4852 is not the official tax filing document, you must explain your reasons for using it. Therefore, in addition to what year the form is for, you will also need to certify that you could not obtain tax form for either your employer institution.

You must certify that you called the IRS, notifying them about your problem before filing.

Paystub Information

Start inserting the information from your paystub info. into the bottom half of your Form 4853. You must start with your employer’s name, address, and Tax ID number.

After that, you should include all the remaining information from your pay stub. You shall only fill out the 1099-R section if you have a W-2 form.

The following information is to be taken from your pay stub:

  • Wages or any other form of Compensation.
  • Medicare Wage and Tips.
  • Social Security Wages.
  • Social Security Tips.
  • Federal Income Tax Hidden.
  • State Income Tax Hidden.
  • Social Security Tax Hidden.
  • Medicare Tax Hidden.

After you have included this whole lot of information, you can certify it.

Certifying Your Information

Below is the tax and wage information. You must explain how you arrived at the amount you have listed. You can do that by offering a straightforward statement like Amounts obtained from the final pay stub of the relevant tax year.

What Else You Need

As mentioned earlier, the IRS shall require a proper explanation of how you arrived at these listed amounts. To ensure you have calculated correctly and do not pay too much, you should consider using a tax calculator.

Using a calculator while filing taxes via your pay stub is paramount. There is an abundance of online tax calculators, so there is no reason not to choose one. Also, ensure to provide your tax calculator with all of the information.


Filing out your taxes is only one of the most beautiful tasks in the universe. It can feel worse if you cannot get a W-2 form. So, you can use Last Pay Stub To File Taxes in that scenario. And, if you want to create pay stubs online, use Online Paystubs for free!

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