A Business Development Guide for The Self Employed to Seize Opportunity

Article By: Jessica Carter


A Business Development Guide for The Self Employed to Seize Opportunity

When it comes to business, Opportunity is a thing which can decide the fate of the business’s success or failure. Opportunities are so tiny that they take more work to get spotted. In a self-employed space, making the most of the Opportunity is like a commodity that everyone wants to trade.


This article will cover what an opportunity means in business and the eyesight needed to spot and seize an opportunity. If you’re looking for an easy and simple guide for self-employed individuals to grab the Opportunity, this guide is your perfect partner.



Seizing Opportunity: What do you mean by Opportunity?


An Opportunity in business refers to any series of unexpected events that can bring an advantage for the entrepreneurs or for the company. Generally, it is a situation which brings a positive change for both the individual and the company.


Opportunities can be very much challenging in nature to discover, so people sometimes miss them. The reason: Opportunities, when they arrive, come disguised as problems or risks, which brings an extreme level of fear along with it. So, self-employed individuals need to catch up on seeing them because of their inability to see them.


A business opportunity is called bizopp, which is the incident to start a firm by absorbing an event in the market. Some businesses bloom due to a business opportunity, while others fail. Leaders play an important part as they forecast opportunities before others and develop plans to exploit them.


For example, E-books are the perfect example of the current market business opportunity. Amazon is the first company to capitalize on this Opportunity in the market, pioneering the capability to read books on smartphones and laptops.


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Attitude in order to Seize Opportunity:


Confining Opportunity in entrepreneurship requires a strong  as well as confident mindset and attitude. A hall of fame to mention of being a self-employed individual is swallowing the genuine philosophy of an entrepreneur.


Every entrepreneur should have a positive mindset towards their business. Below are some attitude which supports the mindset of a successful entrepreneur:




Pursuing a curiosity from an entrepreneur’s mindset is called research-oriented. Each and every self-employed entrepreneur needs to access information and should be willing to go all guns blazing for it. So, when you’re exposed to any relevant information in your business, it regulates your prowess in grabbing opportunities.




A rigid mindset is highly damaging in order to seize an opportunity. So, in order to record success in entrepreneurship, we need a fine little dose of flexibility and the ability to accept changes and new situations. The reason is simple: some of the best opportunities come in the form of new conditions and developments. So, the entrepreneur’s ability to adopt energetic thinking makes your business successful. Being open-minded and flexible in the workplace is a sign of being open to new ideas. This is partially precise. Along with displaying attitude and behaviours, being open-minded also encompasses being tolerant, fair-minded and responsive.


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Fast-Paced Decision-Making


Opportunities happen in a flash; the self-employed individual should be quick in the decision-making process. The more time it takes for your mind to take fast-paced decisions, the more opportunities and money it will cost you in the longer period. Assigning decisions and empowering employees to get things done means that the problems are solved quickly, and opportunities are grabbed with both hands rather than letting them go due to indecision.


Meticulous Detail


Things are never what they seem; meticulous detail is a must for a successful entrepreneur. As a result, entrepreneurs should be able to read between the lines to grab opportunities. It can mesh relevant information from the basket and apply critical thinking in the fast-paced decision-making process. Below mentioned are some examples:


Using a calendar:


Noting down important messages from phone calls While using equipment, take in all the safety measures and security precautions.


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Network and Association


Every employee is friendly while leveraging opportunities from social groups. As information keeps changing, different people sometimes have access to extra detail. Therefore, joining groups and associations with other entrepreneurs in your niche is a great valuable asset in grabbing opportunities. The main reason behind networking and association is that you can grow your influence and extend your network via that group.


How to Spot Opportunities Being Self-Employed?


Analyzing and grabbing opportunities as a self-employed entrepreneur requires silent skills, as it matters business and entrepreneurship. Below mentioned are a few ways by which you can spot opportunities when they arrive:


  • Clear-cut goals and clear vision for your business
  • Doing a SWOT analysis of your skills and abilities and competitive analysis
  • Register your activities and tasks
  • Scan your potential risks 
  • Embrace a positive mindset


Seizing Opportunities: A Business Development Guide-


Be Ready to Grab Opportunities


Be in a constant position of alarming situations, as grabbing opportunities is the first step for a self-employed individual. It is very important to constantly be on the lookout for situations that you can take advantage of when you turn your venture into success. Strategies for easy, fast-paced, cost-effective and profitable results are the strokes of a successful business.


Grabbing Opportunities Takes up Challenges


Taking up challenges means stepping out of your comfort zone. The reason is that the opportunities that will create business success for you will arrive with challenges. Therefore, it is important to be on the lookout for new opportunities, perspectives, and ideas. This new idea includes new learnings, old stuff, changing previous strategies, deducting redundant operations. If you want to achieve your goal, catch on to your dream job, find your partner or grab the Opportunity. It doesn’t matter how positive your mindset is; it’s flawed if you’re thinking this.


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Refrain from scorning the minor opportunities


Many entrepreneurs have misused massive opportunities because they were too greedy and were keeping their eyes fixed on the big spot. Generally, big things start from minor things. This means that most of the time, the enormous opportunities are a demonstration of the so-called smaller opportunities. Therefore, a successful self-employed individual is sensitive to smaller opportunities and watches them for the ability they carry with them.


Possible Obstacles which you will face while Seizing Opportunities:


  • Unknown Fear
  • The memory of Previous Failures
  • Rigid Mindset
  • Lacking Self-Confidence
  • Negativity




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