Creating Paycheck Stubs If You’re Self-employed

Article By: Jessica Carter


Creating Paycheck Stubs If You’re Self-employed

If you are self-employed, your primary focus is making your new customers comfortable with your service package. However, there are secondary things that you should consider, which include payroll-related issues. If you hire an employee, you may need to generate paychecks.


What is a Pay Stub?


A pay stub, also known as a paycheck stub, is a document that showcases an employee’s net pay, gross pay, taxes and deductions. It can be presented in a printout format or can be mailed electronically.


What Information is Mentioned on a Pay Stub?


A paystub includes the following information:


  • General Information: This contains the employer’s information like name and address, starting and ending pay period date.
  • Rates & Hours: Pay rates include regular, overtime, and double time and the hours worked at each rate are important for employees to remember.
  • Gross Payment: This is the amount that the employee earns before taxes or any deductions.
  • Employee Taxes: This contains federal income tax, Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA), and state and local taxes (Medicare and Social Security).
  • Taxes & Contributions: Employers are solely responsible for state and federal taxes. If the employer provides benefits, they also pay their part of the employee’s health insurance coverage and match their retirement plans.
  • Net Pay: Net pay is paid to employees after the deductions are handled.


How to Create a Paycheck Stub?


You can create a paycheck stub via 2 methods which are mentioned below:


Manual Creation with MS Word: This process contains the following methods:


  • Open MS Word
  • Insert a table
  • Enter the amount details
  • Calculate the taxes on Income and Pay Period
  • Calculate the date-to-year earnings for each column
  • Design it like a paystub template
  • Print the pay stub


Paystub Generator: While using the online generator, fill in your details like name and address. This information will reflect on the pay stub.


Enter your salary details and the pay date. Then the online generator will naturally calculate all the taxes and deductions.


To print the paystub, click the “download” button to choose either PDF or image format.


Advantages of Using Pay Stubs Generators


Using an online pay stub generator can offer several advantages for self-employed individuals:


  • Authentic & Convenient Processing of Payroll: While you use an online payroll generator, it is important to notice that the payroll processing is accurate and timely. This eradicates the possibility of human errors. Not only does generating paystubs online save time, but it also reduces the workload of HR administration.
  • Tailor-Make Templates: Few online generators allow you to customize your templates with your company’s brand and logo. Customizable templates help employers connect certain information pieces to the employees, like benefits and deductions.
  • Improved Documentation: Online generators support employers in maintaining an accurate and organized record of payroll information. These generators provide a digital analysis of each employee’s pay stub without having a document misplaced.
  • Self-Service for Employees: Online paystub generators allow employees to access their paystub easily. Employees can keep track of their earnings and deductions while having access to their pay stubs. However, providing access to their pay stubs opens a transparency window between employees and employers.


How to Calculate Net Pay?


Calculating a Net Pay is shown below with a simple example:


Particular Price
Minimum Salary 50,000
(HRA) House Rent Allowance 1,40,000
Transportation Allowance 80,000
Gross Salary 2,70,000
Deduction for (EPF) 21,600
Professional Tax 2,000
Total Deductions 23,600


The net salary is the difference between gross salary and total deductions, that is, 2,46,400.


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Creating paycheck stubs as a self-employed individual is essential for maintaining financial records, managing taxes, and demonstrating your income. Whether you create a paystub manually or use online pay stub generators, accurate and detailed paycheck stubs will greatly benefit your financial management and help you navigate various financial situations.


If you are self-employed and looking to create paystub, then an online paystub is your answer. It is a hassle-free, quickest, and most convenient way to create your paystub.


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