What should be take care before creating Paystub online?

Article By: Carol Anderson


What should be take care before creating Paystub online?

Before you move ahead towards the most convenient stub making facility – online paystub, it is important to know facts which help you make the most out of the stub maker. The paystub calculating tool remains equally efficient for every stub created using it but the way you utilize it makes a difference for sure.

Check for the preciseness of the following details while you make free paystubs online. Here is the list:

Filling the basic details

1. Paystub Generator

It is basically the period for which the employee is being paid. The list contains weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly and annually. You have to select the pay period of the employee accordingly. If you select a non-applicable period by mistake, the outcome of your created stub can be totally different. To avoid this from happening, keep your employee sheet filtered according to their pay period so you avoid attempting such mistake and find it easy in making pay stubs too.

2. Choosing Pay-type

There are two possibilities when you are selecting pay-type: hourly pay scale or salary. You will have to add hourly rate and a total number of hours than in case of hourly pay type and total amount at once in case of salary. It is important to choose proper pay type for the accuracy of the generated online paystub.

3. Employee Details

When it comes to filling employee details, Name, Address, Social Security Number, Reporting Period, Pay Date and Gross Earnings play a very crucial role. These are the identity information of your employee. Care should be taken that you fill these details very precisely.

For instance, the incorrect SSN or Reporting Period will hold a different meaning and can make your online pay stub useless.

4. Number of Stubs

There are several offers applicable when you choose to create pay stub for free, but it is not necessary that you are opting for yearly stubs all together at a time. Some of your employees are on wages while some on salary. Whereas, some of the people you are paying are not even your employees but contractors. Choose the number of paystubs you want at a time as if you overlook it, you might preview and proceed to pay for more than the number of paystubs you actually want.

5. Preview

When you have displayed the preview of your online pay stub, it is not just a formality but a chance for you to review the generated paystub and check for any mistakes. Even if there is a provision of getting a correct stub generated without any additional cost, care should be taken that you don’t have to opt for repetitive work.

Don’t take preview for granted and just go on clicking to pay, thinking that you have already filled it properly.

6. Download

Since the stub creation process is done, for now, you want to download it. As you know, you can send it to any desired email address. So enter the email address correctly so you deliver it to the right person without delay.

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