Is There a Penalty for Fake Pay Stubs?

Article By: Jessica Carter


Is There a Penalty for Fake Pay Stubs?

After the foundation of the IRS, many people have been working off the books, are not paying their taxes, and are receiving their payments under their table.


Trillions of money are earned in this way every year, and there are various ways through which people try to balance out their illicit lives with legitimacy.


This blog will mention some facts about online paystub fraud and why people try to get away with it. So, without further ado, let’s begin!


Why Will Someone Make a Fake Pay Stub?


The most common reason people generate a fake pay stub is when trying to get a loan. The lenders want to know if they will get their money back before loaning it. One of the best ways to find out that the person asking for a loan can repay you is to see how much they make monthly.


If someone is unemployed and is looking to get back on their foot, consider generating a fake pay stub. If they have no documentation of their earnings, they may think that a fake pay stub is not a big deal as long as they get their hands on the loan.


They might surf online about how to make a fake pay stub, uploaded pay stub frauds and make up the information. However, you know that honesty is the best policy.


If someone needs a loan, they should be 100% honest, especially with those in control of their money. You might also be setting up yourself in huge legal trouble. There are fines which could cost you more than $1 million and can even open doors of jail time for you. Creating a fake pay stub is not feasible, especially if the scenario is to defraud a financial institution.


People & Scams


If you’re thinking about using a fake pay stub to scam an insurance firm, you should stop at this right now! If you have created a fake pay stub to receive the benefits you are not entitled to, you are landing right into a pit of mess.


If you buy a fake pay stub from somebody, you have entered a world of fraud. The people selling these fake pay stubs are looking for ways to take advantage of people who need money fast.


No matter how desperate you are, the legal risks of a scam like this are too large to digest. If caught, you could be subject to fines that make the whole affair not worth it.


An under-the-table generator is also an illegal practice. It would help if you thought five times before you received pay stubs generated under deceitful circumstances. These consequences will cost you so much more than you could not have imagined yourself.


What Does a Pay Stub Look Like?


Never Trust an Accountant Who Recommends Fraud


If you hire an accountant and they are recommending you a fake pay stub, run far away from them as fast as you can. None of the accountants is worth the money if they suggest such a thing. Your accountant should help you with the solution in a legitimate way.


If you’re not unemployed, you may be working for a firm paying you in cash. Your accountant should not recommend fake pay stubs. Instead, they should recommend this: your employer creates a 1099 form or hires you as a W-2 employee.


However, if you use fake pay stubs for legal purposes to receive money or to show anyone the authority you’re commiting a fraud. If you’re creating a pay stub, you could be doing the work for your employer. If they agree on certifying your pay stub, you should have something appropriate in your hands.


How Can You Obtain a W-2 from a Previous Employer?


Why Employers Make Fake Pay Stubs?


Most employers generate fake pay stubs and give their employees a headache. If you find out that your employer has done this, you might try to figure out why.


Employers may generate a fake pay stub for numerous reasons. If they are not paying the taxes fully, they might consider opting for a fake pay stub.


If you suspect something fishy, call an employment lawyer with questions. Many companies provide pro-bono services to low-income employees and freelancers.


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If you think you’ll get away with a fake pay stub, the fear of facing a penalty for generating a fake pay stub can make the matter worse. Instead, it would help if you are worried about the authenticity of your pay stub by using a real pay stub generator tool like this:  to create legitimate pay stubs.

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