Online Pay Stub Hacks: Maximize Your Benefits

Article By: Carol Anderson


Online Pay Stub Hacks: Maximize Your Benefits

The brilliant features of Online Paystub are the major attraction to opt for it. Besides saving you hours of manual work, lots of time and money, there is more to it which makes you go for free printable pay stubs online.

Depending on the size of business you own, you can schedule creating stubs as per your convenience. For small businesses, the number of employees is less while the workforce is large with Megacorps. It totally depends on you whether you want to make free pay stubs all together in advance or would go for monthly stubs. Well, the flexible pay-stub creator tool is designed to perform the way you want it to but you should know how to use it like a pro and save yourself time when you are lacking it. Here is all you need to know:

Hacks to make most with Online Pay Stub

To create Pay Stub Online instantly, you are required to have the basic details of your employees handy regardless of the size of your organization. In order to avoid the last-minute rush, do organize your data in a way you have to fill it in the stub creator so you just have to enter and go instead of searching it at the very moment.

For example, you can keep your company logo saved on your desktop, keep employee database updated with gross earnings calculated and so on. Also, you can ease your stub making by filtering your database with employees according to their pay-period i.e weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or annually. Sorting will make your task of creating pay stubs for free even easier.

To reduce your repetitive job of creating stubs again every time you have to make one, better go for creating stubs together so you don’t have to rush. As it will take more time to create pay stubs online, you can totally rely on the procedure to give pay stub to your employee whenever they demand for one.

What if your sent stub is deleted from employee’s mailbox?

When you create a pay stub online, you get a copy of your stub directly in your mail. While you are making stubs for your employee, it is likely that you will enter his/her email id in sender’s mail address and you think you are free from worries now. But it is not so. Maybe your employee turn back to you for re-generating their stub which you have given them a year ago, they need it now and it is trashed permanently from their mailbox. What will you do now? Will you create a new one? Will you re-spend money? No!

This is the bespoken amazing functionality we offer to you. Just hit the Re-send Order Button and you will come across the number of stubs you have made with us. You can find your pay stub right there and re-send it. That’s all!

Not every time you need a savior while creating pay stubs online, you might need it after you have already created it and we are here for you.

What to do if you make a mistake while in hurry?

Since you are making pay stubs at the end moment, you might overlook some details and fill it incorrectly. Maybe you misspelled employee name or entered incorrect gross earning which gets troublesome when your employee will produce it further. You need to immediately get it corrected. This might seem like a big issue when you are creating online paystub with anyone else but it is a worry-less task while you are making the same with us. Even though we show you preview before you finalize your stub, you still have a chance to get your corrected stub without a need to spends extra bucks.

Yes, we don’t charge you for re-delivering your corrected stub. In fact, you can feel free to call our live support to get your re-created stub instantly. If not available, you can add a contact request and you will be approached as soon as possible. This means even if you made a mistake, you don’t need to create new pay stub and again spend money for the same as you are assisted by our support team.

What else do you need when you have such amazing features at your rescue? Let us help you make free pay stub.

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