For salaried or hourly payroll employees and contractors in the state of New Mexico, we provide detailed tax charges for the pay period as well as the ability to produce your own professional free pay stubs instantaneously.


Why Should Employees and Contractors Need New Mexico Stub Maker?



  • A pay stub is a piece of paper that contains information about an employee’s compensation.


  • A pay stub is a distinct document sent to an employee who receives a direct deposit to document their earnings for the pay period and year to date.


  • When an employee receives a paper paycheck for a deposit, the pay stub is usually included.


A pay stub will include information on the employee’s salary, taxes, and other contributions, as well as other financial information.

This will contain their earnings for the current quarter as well as the entire year. The federal and state taxes withheld from the employee’s wages will also be listed on the stub.

Employee benefits such as health insurance, as well as social security contributions, are all displayed, allowing the employee to know where their money is going.


Are a Pay Stub and a Paycheck the Same Thing?


No. If your employee received a paper check, a paycheck contains net pay, which they would deposit at their bank. Your employee’s gross wages are broken down on a pay stub. It displays all of the deductions that led to the net pay that appears on their paychecks.

If your employee has a direct deposit set up, the net pay will be the same as the amount stated on the direct deposit.

You can have an employee look through their pay stubs if they believe their net compensation should be higher. They will be able to examine how income taxes and deductions affect their gross earnings and net compensation.

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