What Is the Purpose of a Pay Stub generator Missouri?


A pay stub, often known as a check stub, is a document employees use to verify their income. A pay stub is a document that details gross pay, net pay, and deductions.

Depending on the state in which they operate, certain businesses are not required by federal law to provide employees with pay stubs.

In a few places, employers are required by law to furnish their employees with a pay stub.

Even though the state does not mandate the sharing of pay stubs, companies must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act’s requirement to record an employee’s working hours.


Are paper pay stubs better than Online pay stubs?


Paycheck stubs are also known as corporate pay stubs, earnings statements, check stubs, payslips, and paycheck stubs.


  • This document can be sent in physical form, or online pay stubs in Missouri can be generated using the paystub generator, which will be discussed in further detail later.
  • Typically, if a company issues paper paychecks, the pay stub is affixed to the same sheet of paper.
  • If employees are paid digitally, they can access their pay stubs by logging into the business’s payroll system, which retains their personal information.


Is it legal in Missouri to make your check stubs for tax purposes?


Undoubtedly, people utilize an online check stub generator to create pay stubs. Understandably, some individuals could question whether or not a service is legal.

The issue should not be the use of a Paystub Maker in Missouri to generate pay stubs but rather the fraudulent use of these documents.

This service will be available to anyone in Missouri who is unable to create or acquire a pay stub through traditional self-employment, freelance, or employment in a state where employers are not required to furnish pay stubs.

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