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Paystubs are useful as proof of your yearly income or tax deduction record so you can get your paystub from stub maker Kentucky.

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How can you receive a pay stub from your previous employer?

It’s necessary to keep your pay stubs on hand since many third parties, such as landowners or insurance companies, will ask to check them to verify your income or earning. While getting them from your current company or by stub maker Kentucky is simple, obtaining them from your old employer needs a few more procedures. To collect an online check stub from Kentucky from your previous employment, follow the steps given.

1. Make contact with your previous employer.

Make contact with your previous employer or the human resources department of the organization. Inquire about how you might get a copy of your prior online check stub in Kentucky. Ask them how long the request will take if you need it by a specific date. They may send you to their payroll or finance department in such situations.

2. Complete all required papers

Fill out any papers provided by the accounting department, like a pay stub request form or create with paystub generator Kentucky. You can also need to write a request for a pay stub. The following details should be included:

  • Full name
  • Current address
  • The previous location of your employment
  • Social security number
  • Identifying the number of your previous employer
  • The dates of the pay periods for which you’re asking pay stubs

You can submit a request through email, regular mail, fax, or in person if you’re required to do so. If you send your request through email, fax, or normal mail, make sure to confirm receipt.

3. If required, file a complaint

If your employer refuses to cooperate with your request, you can file complaints with the labor board in your state. They’ll have to pay a penalty charge in this situation.

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