How to Generate a Paperless Pay Stub?

Article By: Jessica Carter


How to Generate a Paperless Pay Stub?

As an employee, a direct deposit is a marvellous thing for you. It is favourable to have your payment deposited directly into your bank account. You can avoid misplacing your paycheck or stopping at the bank for each pay period.


If you’re a small business owner, direct deposit is acceptable, which allows you to save time and resources by keeping your payroll process electronic. But how do you get your paperless pay stub if your Paycheck Stubs is deposited electronically? Let’s start!


Pay Stubs By Mail


Some companies send paper pay stubs to their employees. When a payroll is deposited, an employer sends the pay stub to the employee via mail. So, more & more employees are shifting towards electronic pay stubs to consolidate the process.


The Paperless Pay stub


Employees can still receive a printed copy of their pay stub even if it is delivered via a direct deposit. Most employers opt for paperless pay stubs and do not send anything by mail. These employers mostly have retained the service of a third-party payroll service.


Employees can create a new online account with payroll services to view and download their paystubs from the payroll website.


State & Federal Law


However, the federal government does not require an employer to provide a paperless pay stub system, but it shall be required in your state.


The Fair Labor Standards Act mentioned that employers to keep payroll records of employee’s wages and hours worked. Having a payroll service in-house, this information online satisfies all the requirements.


Required for Small Business Owner


Small business owners need a dedicated payroll department. You can still generate electronic employee pay stubs if you have a small business. Various online software is available in the market to do this type of work.


Why do you need your Pay Stub?


You might need your pay stub; the most common is for tax purposes. You might also need a pay stub to show a proof of your income while applying for a loan. Access to a paperless pay stub is faster and more convenient for keeping records.


Whether you keep your pay stub for 5 or 15 years with you, you can always download and store it electronically rather than put it in a bulky cabinet file.


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You already know how to access and download your pay stubs if you’re an employee. If you still need to download your pay stubs for this year, make sure you do it before the tax season arrives.


If you’re an employer manually Pay Stub Generator or mailing them to your employees, consider hiring a service to streamline that process.


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