Can you detect a fake online paystub?

Article By: Carol Anderson


Can you detect a fake online paystub?

The availability of online paystub can be the said gift of technology. You have eased your stub creating jobs whether you are an employer or freelancer but don’t play blind. People keep looking for loopholes and utilize them for their own benefit. Even though one can genuinely generate pay stubs online within minutes, there is a class of people who don’t want to spend few bucks. They even get vendors providing free templates to create pay stub online. The consequences are too worse to be handled.

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Beware of using Fake Ones!

No matter how many perks are offered by unreal stubs but you will have to suffer from penalties if it is discovered later. As you know, you might face denial of credit facilities and get shunned at the workplace for this gesture. The disadvantages are not limited up to this they are really not worth taking the risk.

This concludes the viewpoint of employees who attempt to produce fake stubs but what about the employers and authorities who get to see them. How will you detect whether the paycheck you are being shown is a real check stub or not? You don’t need to worry at all as we’ll guide you through 4 easy steps to discover whether the stub is worth approving.

1. Verification

There are no restrictions on making paychecks, anyone can make them using free paystub generator. As visible to you, the company logo gives you details whom does it belong but fraudulent activities don’t see any boundaries. So, if you want to cross-verify any stub, you can design a form first which states people how you hold the authority to cross-check the details and documentation produced by them.

2. Check if the Business Exists

It is possible that people may state the name of any company which doesn’t even exist. When the logo is concerned, they can also create and download from the web. It is not a big deal. But, if you grant credit to such thugs, it is obviously going to be risky for you. It is not the free check stubs which can be blamed so you need to stay concerned and make efforts to find whether the business name and address mentioned on the stub exists or not.

3. Check if the Person Exists with ref to Business

When the given paycheck passes the first two stages properly, the next step is to confirm the identity of the mentioned person/employee on the stub. It may happen that the company exists but the person claiming to be its employee is invalid. You can confirm this by getting employee details from the mentioned company whether the person is their current or past employee or in any context is connected with the firm.

If you don’t find any matching details, you have detected a fake stub.

4. Wage Confirmation

In order to get loans confirmed or acquire a new job, employees may enter high salary and make free pay stubs online. The resultant disadvantage for you will be that the person will not be able to pay the installments and so on. Hence, prevention is better than cure so you need to check whether the mentioned wages are precise or not.

Always opt for Genuine Pay Stubs

Whether you are an employer, employee or anyone else who is concerned with online paystubs, make sure that you are setting a good example for everyone else. Want to make one now? Go for it!

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