Legal Hassles to Avoid with Online Paystubs

Article By: Carol Anderson


Legal Hassles to Avoid with Online Paystubs

Using Online Paystubs for your business is a great decision indeed. You are no ways incurring any loss but saving a considerable amount of money while utilizing this paperless way. It is both, company and environment-friendly, isn’t it? In fact, you don’t need to bother whether your employee has got the print-out of the paycheck mailed to him nor you need to take care of the piles of check stubs saved for later or bare the printing costs.

Certain things are required to be kept in mind while using pay stub generator. Though the stub can be created for any desired state, the local laws applicable to each state might differ and you really need to have a look at it once. It is necessary to have this basic knowledge for an uncluttered and smooth real check stubs making process ahead.

Find if your state requires Paystub

Every employer is concerned with recording the number of hours worked by their employees. This is not to be mentioned, for paying those wages or salary accordingly, whatsoever is applicable. But, you might not know that there is no federal law which states that you have to provide stubs to your employees.

This can leave you a lot of individual interpretation but it is up to you if you want to provide quality and courtesy to your employees or not. You can make free pay stubs and give a valuable return to your employee regardless of your state laws considering the creation of paychecks. However, every state and its respective firms have local laws and preferences to handle stubs. A rough estimation states that only 8 states have no laws to give any pay stub to their employees until they request one.

There are states who don’t like using Paystub Portal

Yes, this is quite surprising but it is true. For instance, Hawaiian employees need to opt-in with their employers if they want to receive paycheck electronically. You can say that they still prefer the age-old method of paper checks. While there are some states who allow employees to opt-out if they don’t want to receive electronic pay stubs. This differs from state to state.

Access is the prime need

It does not matter whether your state permits employers to create a pay stub for free and hand it over to employees but you should be aware of your rights. You must have some way through which you can access your pay-details because as you know it has much use. It is required to be produced while availing any credit facilities, on the desk for a new job and so on. Hence, the rights to access information are required to be stressed more than the state laws.

Fill the details correctly while you create a pay stub

As you know that free printable pay stubs online are a vital evidence of your income, they are also an important legal document. Hence, it is required that all the details are filled accurately and precisely. Though you can get a corrected stub at no cost from us, you should take precautionary measures that no mistake is attempted from your end and you have previewed the generated stub twice before mailing it.

Every online paystub has the following details in common:

  • Hourly, weekly, bi-weekly etc rate
  • Total number of hours or duration worked
  • Hourly breakdown as paid for overtime, vacation, holiday and so on.
  • Federal, local and state taxes
  • Deduction information including insurance, statutory deductions, social security etc
  • Bonus and allowances
  • Gross earnings, net earnings, and YTD earnings

In short, it contains all the details which are required to maintain the employee’s finances which can be undoubtedly shown at any place as legal evidence of income. If you too want to create a pay stub for free, make it now!

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