How to set up check stubs for remote workers?


How to set up check stubs for remote workers?

You can create wonders with free check stubs. This tool infuses confidence to hire talent from across the globe that is a more productive & cost-efficient team.


If you’re planning to add more (remote) employees to your team, this blog will help you with some essential tips before you initiate the hiring process.

The challenge is to stay upbeat with remote workers from different cities, states, or country. Taking note of everything is quite an overwhelming task, isn’t it?


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Classify the type of remote employees in your team

Firstly, you should classify your employees properly. They mostly fall in any of the two categories: full-time employees or part-time workers.

Once you identify the employee type, you should drill down on this:

  • Whether or not their tax deductions will be made
  • Which benefits they are liable to receive from you?
  • Compliance with the minimum wage laws
  • What about disability insurance & worker’s compensation insurance?

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Answer the questions mentioned above & then proceed with the respective employee type.


1. Remotely working Employees

Remote workers might not be operating from your office but they are your full-time workers. While paying remote employees, you’re responsible for withholding payroll taxes. Take this scenario just as you consider your in-house team.

Make sure you’re complying with the tax laws & regulations of the employee’s state/city.


2. Independent Contractors/Freelancers

Independent contractors are self-employed professionals. They’re not your full-time workers. Hence, you’re not responsible for their tax withholdings. Also, they are not liable to receive any benefits availed by remote workers.

Many companies prefer to hire freelancers due to the reason that they don’t have to worry about payroll taxes.

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Set-up Payroll for your Employees

Experts say that it’s better to stick to the payment method according to the employee’s state. Let us suggest some popular payroll methods adopted in the US.

  • Online Pay Stub
  • Direct Deposit Paystub
  • PayPal, Venmo, or similar payroll apps


Use Paystub Generator Free

It’s a great challenge to cope up with payroll when your employees work remotely. Sometimes, complications may arise when they’re from a different country. You’ll have to follow the local laws & abide by minimum wages, benefits, and anything that’s applicable.

If your remote workers are from the US, regardless of the state they are working from, you can use the paystub generator free to create paychecks.

That’s all; we hope you’re feeling confident now.

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