How to print paystub instantly

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How to print paystub instantly

What is a Paystub generator?

Try this Online Paystub maker tool to generate a pay stub online. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool to create a paystub of your choice. You can use it to get a payslip online or print it.

This tool is very useful for people who are working in the field of finance. It generating the payslip of the employee based on the salary that he has been getting.

You just need to select the date from the drop-down box & the pay stub is being generated in the format of the date & the amount paid. The tool is also very useful to the people in the office who are generating different types of payslips online.

You don’t have to go through different payroll software to get the required payslip. If you are unable to find a suitable Paystub for your payslip, then you can use the online pay stub generator tool to get it.

Online Paystubs are generally divided into three parts as below:

  • Gross wages:

An employee earned amount & before any deduction is known as Gross wages.

  • Net Pay:

The amount that an employee can take home from gross pay is called Net Pay. All taxes, deductions, and other amounts taking out from gross pay, and the remaining amount are Net Pay.

  • Taxes and contributions:

This includes all types of amounts like deductions, taxes, and contributions paid by employees.

How does an online pay stub generator work? 

This check stub maker is very simple and user-friendly. You need to enter the details like the name of the company, name of the employee, details of salary, and the date in which the employee has been working.

After that, you can choose the format in which you want to print the stub.

You have the option to print it in PDF format or MS Excel format.

You also have the choice to choose the color shade that you want for the printed stub or you can make it with a particular color style as per your choice & then you have the options to choose whether you want the stub to be printed in one sitting or every month. 

  • 1. Provide information about your company.

Make changes to the pay stub template. Complete the form with your company’s contact information and a logo. 

  • 2. Fill up the employee information

Personal information about your employee, such as their name & employee ID number, should be included. 

  • 3. Detailed Salary Information for Employees

Enter the pay month, pay date, and paycheck number. For the check stub maker’s calculation, include information on your employee’s salary.

  • 4. Include any additions or subtractions.

Include any salary increases or decreases, such as overtime pay or tax benefits. The net pay is calculated & updated automatically by the pay stub generator

  • 5. Get a pay stub

Email pay stubs to employees, or download and print a PDF version of your paycheck stub. 


How to print paystub instantly?

    · You can use this tool to prepare the Paystub instantly.

    · You will need to create an account with the Pay Stub Generator Tool.

    · After creating the account, you need to log in to the account and then select the option that you need. After selecting the option, you will be able to see the Pay Stubs that are available on the tool.

    · You can select any of the Pay stubs that you like and then click on the Print button to get a PDF file of the stub that you have selected.

    · Now you are successfully able to prepare a Paystub in the shortest possible time. 

There is another method to print you’re your direct deposit vouchers or an electronic payment method 

    · Click to the Download Direct Deposit Paystubs. PDF will open then.

    · Now load a print paper into your printer and start to print and then save your receipt or voucher.

    · Click on this when you have done “I’m Finished Printing”. 


If you’ve decided to go to a more modern and faster method, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s great to use a paystub printer to make check stubs, but make sure you follow your state’s guidelines and requirements.

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