File Tax Returns early with Free Check Stubs


File Tax Returns early with Free Check Stubs

As the tax season approaches, free check stubs are felt like boon as paying taxes is already an expense for people. You’ve already been using our free paystub generator online for days when you don’t have to pay the taxes but you’ll definitely feel thankful for this online pay stub facility for the last minute stubs.

Usually, people know how to use pay stub generators for filing tax returns but if in case you want some guidelines then here is a read for you…

How your Last Real Check Stub helps Filing Taxes?

Since you are here to know how to file tax returns early, let’s go through the deadlines for filing federal returns this year.

Deadline to file Tax Returns for 2018

It is reported that IRS will not begin accepting tax returns until Jan 28, 2019. As IRS is not legally permitted to process filing paper returns until after 2019 Government shutdown ends.

The ideal duration to start processing the returns is by the first week of January and if possible, by the end of the fourth week of January so you can file it by Jan 28. As it is recommended to file returns as early as possible, it cannot be said that IRS will initiate refund as soon as possible but yes, there are perks of filing returns earlier. And, using pay stub generator free actually helps and you will get this soon.

The deadline to file returns for the year 2018 is April 15 and in case if you miss this date, you can request IRS for an extension which will be then Oct 15.

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4 Ways Early Tax Returns benefit you

1. Get Refunds Earlier

Most people are concerned with the refunds they will receive from IRS. Hence, if the filing is early, the sooner you can expect refunds which can then be utilized for any large purchase, retirement savings or any major expense in mind.

2. Reduce the chances of falling victim to tax identity theft

Tax identity theft means someone is cloning your identity to collect your tax refunds which will be problematic when you really file your returns and will be troublesome when you expect refunds.

The easiest way to save yourself from becoming a victim of such identity theft, you should file returns as soon as possible. In case if you experience any identity theft, you should immediately contact IRS or file Form 14039.

3. Save Time by filing taxes earlier

When you are done processing your returns and file it earlier, you are free from the worries of paying the amounts you owe to the government. Thus, you don’t have your attention diverted till April 15 deadline which may disturb your routine otherwise.

4. Instant help from Tax Professionals, if needed

Those business owners who have complicated taxes will definitely need the help of professionals. If you begin earlier, you know the right time you need expert’s help.

Use Free Paystub Generator to File Returns early

Using free paystub generator is the best way to initiate your returns. You’ll definitely require a pay stub – which is the basic document for filing returns. W2 Forms and 1099 MISC will also require pay stub first.

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