Fake Paystubs: Will you take the risk?

Article By: Carol Anderson


Fake Paystubs: Will you take the risk?

Online Paystubs are the easiest way to get 100% genuine paystubs in minutes. Still, there are numbers of reasons when individuals opt for fake stubs for availing easy car loans or renting apartments and so on. Above all, they are an illegal document using which is a crime as you are attempting to misguide the service provider.

What are fake paystubs?

Fake pay stubs are nothing but a paycheck stub which is a manipulative stub created with an intention of misguiding the person or organization to which it is produced.

They are created with an intention of getting benefits like easing approval of car or home loans without a need to spend bucks. It might seem very attractive at first glance but when the truth is uncovered, you can be shunned, penalized and in some cases, you might get into legal matters if you get caught. As the company you work with is a firm which holds a reputation in the market, you have no rights to use its name in a way you want. Don’t get surprised knowing that you may have to get in the jail if your company files a case against you. There is a lot more to the cons of fake pay stubs. Let us give you obvious reasons why you should go for free printable stubs online instead of fake ones.

Disadvantages of using fake paystubs

  • They are prone to denial or rejections from credit-providing authorities.
  • You have to suffer penalties for producing fake income proof.
  • Loss of Job by attempting such non-acceptable behavior of using company’s name for your own benefit.
  • Discontinuity of the available benefits suddenly. For example, you have to pay the amount of loan back immediately to the financial authorities when your paystub is spotted as illegal.

Why generate fake stub when you can make free paystub?

What will you choose if you have legal and illegal ways to do the same thing? Who will like to get penalized when the same benefit can be achieved with lots of additional perks? Yes, it is easy to make free paystub online without making much effort and within minutes, just with the basic information. This is just the beginning, you have a list of value-added benefits to make you choose free printable stubs online, every time you need one.

Benefits of using Authentic Online Paystub

1. Geared-up Credit Approvals

You can confidently produce your income proof without any fear of penalties and get your credit-availing process smooth. This means you will not have to wait for getting a car or home loans approved. Because the online paystub consists of crisp details which speak for it, you don’t need to prove its genuineness.

2. Creates a Positive Impact

Even if you create paystub for free, it will contain every necessary detail which should be included in a professional paystub. It creates a positive and unfeigned impression wherever you produce it.

3. Anytime Anywhere Availability

As you know, you get your created stub directly in the mail and so you don’t need to take care of the stack of papers. You just have to go to your mailbox and get the desired stub printed without any hassle.

4. All-in-One Stub Creation

Our online paystub is ‘one size fits all’ kind of stub which makes paycheck creation easy for small to large organizations as well as individuals who are working as freelancers. Also, using a single tool, you can create a stub for an employee as well as a contractor. Create as many stubs as you want using the same interface.

5. Easy Payment Options

The charges for creating paystubs are very nominal as compared to managing account staff. You get the payment gateway convenience to pay for the stubs you make in the way you want without any fear of fraudulent transactions.

6. Additional Benefits

Besides these exciting perks, there are more features which will make you its fan. Even if you get to preview your stub but still if you overlook something, you can ask for a newly corrected stub without paying again. If you have trashed the stub mail, we can resend it to you anytime you want.

A professional individual and organization deserve equivalent professional tool to create paystub for free and we are here to assist you with one of the best and popular stub-making tools on the web. Create free pay stub generator now!

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