How To Get Dollar General Pay Stub In 2024?

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How To Get Dollar General Pay Stub In 2024?

Dollar General, the namesake of the household giant, employs over 140 million employees. This vast number qualifies among the largest employers in the U.S. market.

Nonetheless, the number of employees they acquire for various purposes shall be paid promptly via electronic paychecks.

If you’re looking for accurate and Free Printable Pay Stubs Online, which offers you a smooth process and a professional-looking pay stub, then online pay stub is your doorway. This blog will discuss everything about Dollar General Check Stubs and how we can grab one from the DG pay portal. Let’s begin.

What are Dollar General Pay Stubs?

Also known as Dollar General Pay Stub, it is an online service that allows employees easy access to their paychecks. Also known as Dollar General Pay Stub, it is an online service that allows employees easy access to their paychecks. In other words, it has a web handle for employees to access their recent paystubs with a simple login ID and password.

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How Can I Log in to the Dollar General DGME Employee Access App?

Are you a current employee at Dollar General? Need help accessing your pay stubs? You have to look no more; we will showcase a step-by-step guide to access and utilize the DG Paystub Portal.

Accessing the Dollar General Paystub Portal: To start your journey into the Dollar General portal, you should visit the official website. You will find a login page where you need to insert your credentials. Below is what you need to do:

  1. Access the Dollar General Paystub Portal.
  2. Insert your username and password in the boxes.

Registering for a New Account: If you’re a new joiner at Dollar General and do not have login credentials, you must register for a fresh account. Follow these steps:

1. On the login page, click on Register Link, which is at the bottom of the page.
2. You shall be redirected to the registration page. Follow the instructions, and your fresh account will be created.
3. Once registered, use your new Dollar General DGME Employee Login credentials.

How To Get Pay Stub From DG Pay Portal?

For this, you should explore your dashboard well.
After successfully logging in, you will be redirected to your personalized dashboard. This is your hub for all of your pay stubs and personal information. The functionalities that your dashboard offers are:

  1. View your current pay stubs and monitor your past pay stubs.
  2. You can update your profile information as and when required.

What if I Forget my Dollar General DGME Login ID and Password?

In this case, retrieving your forgotten username and password is the only option for you. Don’t panic. Dollar General Employee Portal is the straight path to help you regain it. Below is how you can recover it:

  • Click on Forgot Username Password? as it is on the login page.
  • Enter your email address, which is linked to your account.
  • Follow the further instructions for recovering your password, which will be mailed to your inbox.

You can easily access the Dollar General Pay Stub Portal by following these simple steps.


How To Get Dollar General Pay Stubs From the HR Department?

If you are an employee at Dollar General and need access to your pay stubs, don’t worry; there are easy methods to gain them. Let’s walk you through the steps to get your Dollar General Pay Stub faster.

Step 1: Contacting the HR Department:

This is one of the easiest ways to get your Dollar General Pay Stub. You have two choices for obtaining your pay stubs: a physical copy or an electronic copy.

  • Physical Copy: Ask your HR department to acquire a physical copy of your pay stub. HR is responsible for managing employee records and should be able to provide you with a printed version immediately.
  • Electronic Copy: For those who want a digital copy, a copy of your electronic pay stub can be requested. To begin with, you will need to provide your email address to the HR department. Once they have your email, they will send the electronic copy directly to your inbox.

Step 2: Dollar General HR Department Contact Information:

If you wish to contact the Dollar General HR department directly, use the following details:

  • Support Email
  • Contact Information: 1-877-463-1553

You can find the Dollar General HR Department’s contact information on the official Dollar General Support Page.


1. How do you get a paycheck from Dollar General after quitting?
If you have quit your job, you must request your pay stubs from your former employer. They should be able to provide them to you either electronically or physically.

2. What is DG Payroll?
A DG Payroll is a document showcasing your gross pay, deductions and net pay for a certain period.

3. What is a Pay Portal Dollar General?
The Pay Portal Dollar General is an online service allowing employees to view their pay stubs.

4. How To Get Dollar General Pay Stubs After Termination?
If you have been terminated from Dollar General, you must request your pay stubs from your former employer. They should be able to provide them to you either physically or electronically.

5. Can I View My Dollar General Pay Stubs Online?
You can view your current and past paystubs online by logging in to the DGME paystubs portal.


In this blog, we walked you through the steps of how to get your dollar general pay stubs in two different ways. You can use the DMGE pay stubs portal or request them from your HR department.

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