Can I file tax with my last check stub?

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Can I file tax with my last check stub?

Making real check stubs is what most Americans do as per their needs but when it comes to filing taxes, not everyone enjoys doing it. Most users prefer to file taxes on their own as the minimum required information is available with them. Some doubt if they can file tax with their last check stub. This read is all about a brief guide on filing your tax returns with the latest online pay stubs.

E-filing your tax is possible with your last check stub but you’ll have to fill out & submit IRS Form 4852.

Is a W-2 form required?

The main requirement is of W-2 Form which is expected to be sent by the employer by the end of the year. It contains all the details about the annual total earnings along with the total annual tax amounts withheld by the employer for the respective year.

When the employee receives W-2 Form by January 31st, a 15-day grace period is allowed by IRS for postal hang-ups and other inconveniences. Thus, the W-2 Form is considered an important one during tax filing. But in case if you don’t have it, your last free printable pay stubs can do.

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Your Last Online Pay Stubs & Tax Filing

When you file your taxes in January, the online paystub of December can be used as they represent your cumulative figures as well as the withheld amount. Additionally, every employee has their unique ID which may not be mentioned on the paystub and so it is to be requested from the employer. When this basic information is entered incorrectly, the processing duration may get lengthened.

E-filing of taxes is free to the taxpayers with less than $57000 of annual income

In case, if you earn more than $57000 then you need to mail a printed copy of the tax return to the IRS. Any tax-payer under 16 years of age is ineligible to access this facility. Besides this, the residents of Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marina Islands, the US Virgin Islands or American Samoa, you may prepare your tax returns online but get it printed and mail it.

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What is Form 4852?

IRS Form 4852 is utilized when W-2 Form is unavailable or the one that is received is incorrect. It is not facilitated to get your refunds quicker but as an alternative means when W-2’s don’t arrive on time. You need to add details like your full name, address, and social security number. However, when you use Form 4852, you need to explain why you have used it. It is also to be certified that you have notified IRS about the problem being faced by you.

It is always recommended to use Free Paystub Generator which gives precise details in a well-formatted form. All you need to do is to enter the details from the check stub into the bottom half of Form 4852.

Once the required details are filled, you may proceed to certify Form 4852 and use it as required.

So, if you want to make sure that your tax returns are filed well, just make sure that you use free paystub maker from the very beginning to ensure the correctness of paystub that further helps in filing taxes in a hassle-free way.

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