5 Instances where you’ll need pay stub as proof of income

Article By: Carol Anderson


5 Instances where you’ll need pay stub as proof of income

There are several cases where you need certain documents as proof for verification. The pay stub is one such crucial proof of document needed in many instances as proof of document. No wonder that sometimes, when an employee asked for a pay stub document, they have nothing to show and find themselves in a void situation.

No matter whether they lost it or have no professional pay stub with them. This is where an advance check stub maker comes into play.

A pay stub generator helps individuals generate the most accurate pay stub hassle-free. There are many situations or instances where to carry out a certain task, you will need more proof of income other than just your photo identity and address proof.

Instances where pay stubs are required as proof of income

1. Renting
Another sensitive case where your income proof is essential is at the time of renting a new home, apartment, or office. The lender will ask about your income proof to make sure you can afford to live or work at that particular place. Sometimes, they might also not lend the property to someone who has just begun a job a few weeks before applying for the loan, as this indicates there is a risk of steady income. The more previous stubs you have, the easier it gets to get approved for your renting loan.

2. Taxes
When you file your taxes, you need to give a lot of important documents. Filing taxes at year-end is a very hectic task, thankfully, your pay stub can make your tax filing easier. Your last year’s pay stub will show how much income you have received and how much tax you have paid. Pay Stub generated with an online check stub maker  will also accurately show that you had health benefits. In case there is any dispute with a W-2, your pay will serve as great proof for tax purposes.

3. Personal loan
If you are ever planning for a personal loan, then you must have a professional pay stub in your hands. The proof of income is to make sure that you are capable of repaying the loan amount you take.

Every lender is different, so some might ask for the most recent pay stub while others might ask for pay stub proof from the past few months.

4. Accident compensation
Your pay stub comes in handy when you are involved in an accident, and you are not allowed to work. Your pay stub is the most helpful document if you have to file for compensation for loss of earnings.

You can use an advance online paystub generator to calculate your pay stub. It will include all necessary compensation details in the stub, making your job easy and making it look more professional.

5. Refinance a mortgage
Another case where you would need your income proof is for refinancing a mortgage. When you want to refinance your mortgage, either for saving money or other reason, your lender will require you to show your pay stub as proof.

Having proof makes it easy for a lender to approve your loan application in a shorter time.

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