1099 Pay Stub: Should Independent Contractors Receive A Pay Stub?

Article By: Jessica Carter


1099 Pay Stub: Should Independent Contractors Receive A Pay Stub?

If your firm has independent contractors who are not on the payroll, you may wonder how you can issue them a pay stub. In the U.S., individuals who contract with your firm generally receive a 1099 form before the tax year is up and running, but is the 1099 pay stub required? In this blog, we will delve into the topic of do you get pay stubs with 1099 and answer more questions about independent contractors.

Who is an Independent Contractor?

This is clear-cut, but the answer is not always simple. Most firms have technically self-employed individuals who still work full-time for the firm. This can make it difficult to differentiate between an employee and a contractor, but you can tell who the contractor is.

The contractor may be someone you have hired for an ongoing project. While consulting with your team on a particular issue might be beneficial, sometimes the lines get blurry.

This is especially important when people work nearly full-time hours with your firm or even full-time but are still considered independent contractors.

Generally, an employee will receive a standard salary and the benefits of being part of your team, which might include perks like health care. Self-employed individuals may receive a fixed salary, but they do not receive any benefits for their work beyond payment.

Self-employed individuals will generally set their own working hours. You might require them to be available for meetings at odd times of the day, but they can take days off any time they like to go beyond these requirements. They might provide some services for your firm.

For instance, your firm might contract with freelance writers or artists. These workers will be paid for specific jobs but no benefits. They might quit at any moment without any result. Similarly, as an employer, you can terminate your contract with them anytime.

What is an Independent Contractor Pay Stub?

Independent contractor pay stub showcases the payment contractors receive from a firm. It is a document that they can use as proof of income for tax purposes. Contractors can generate pay stubs at their homes using third-party pay stub generator websites.

The contractor shall organize their pay stubs to avoid getting in trouble with the IRS. Any error on the pay stub will be interpreted as fraud by the IRS and grounds for legal prosecution. This is why independent contractors should request a 1099-MISC form from the firm they have worked for to ensure they have the correct payment information.

What is a 1099 Pay Stub?

A 1099-MISC form is generally completed by a firm and then given to its contractors. This form tells them how much they earned in a given year. Your firm will not be responsible for any withholding; independent contractors should do this themselves.

However, this gives them a unique idea of what they have earned, which they can report to the IRS when they do their taxes for the previous year. It also helps the firm track your spending on independent contractor salaries, which is vital for budgeting and tax purposes.

Do You Get Pay Stubs With 1099?

The answer is No. While businesses are not obligated to supply a 1099 pay stub, it can greatly assist independent contractors in keeping track of their income and expenses.

Do Firms Have To Create A 1099-MISC Form For Independent Contractors?

This is not an initial requirement for an independent contractor who works for you, but most accountants recommend it. It ensures that you continue to monitor your spending on independent contractor salaries and payments, which is also beneficial for independent contractors.

Why Are 1099-MISC Forms of So Much Importance?

Independent contractors rely on these forms as essential documentation to verify their earnings, enabling them to make significant purchases like a house and a car. Those who work as typical employees will have proof using the standard W-2 form.

How Does My Firm Generate a 1099-MISC Form?

This is easy. Various websites generate forms for you only. You only need to fill in some parts of the form, such as the contractor’s name and social security number. You should have this information from when you began to contract with them. With form generation, you can send the forms via email to your remote contractors or print them out and personally distribute them to the individuals.

What Do Independent Contractors Do If They Do Not Receive A 1099-MISC Form?

Receiving a 1099-MISC form does not necessarily mean paying your taxes. You must pay your taxes quarterly to avoid a fine. This is done as an estimated federal tax at a rate that depends on your total earnings. As an independent contractor, you should maintain records of your earnings.

You should also set aside money for tax purposes to pay the taxes yourself. If you do not receive a 1099-MISC form, you can still generate one for yourself. This can help you prove your income or keep records.


Though a 1099 pay stub is not required, it is a better way to help you monitor your money. Most accountants recommend using them either as an independent contractor or as yourself. To begin with, generate your pay stub with our free paystub generator

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